NetXposure was founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon, and then later that year opened a small satellite office in Tokyo, Japan. Focusing on the emerging market for web-based application development, the company rapidly gained a reputation as a leader in server-based dynamic imaging solutions. In 1998, Jason Wehling (NetXposure’s current President) joined NetXposure in an acquisition, and became the head of technology soon after.

In 1999 NetXposure partnered with Macromedia, one of the leading dot-com era software companies — acquired by Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE) in 2005 — to work on a server-side Flash technology project called “Generator”. Soon after NetXposure joined Adobe on a beta project developing server-side imaging technology that turned into a product called “Altercast”, and then later re-named “Adobe Graphics Server” (AGS). Similar development partnerships were also formed with Sun, Oracle, and Apple. During this time, NetXposure expanded development resources, building the foundation that would later help define the company as a leader in Web-based imaging technologies and Rich Internet Application (RIA) development.

These development partnerships translated into a wide variety of long-term consulting and professional services engagements, building custom web-based software applications for several Fortune 1000 companies including Disney, C-Net, Sony, US Bank, Hallmark, and Cisco. Many of the components of these projects developed into the beta version of NetXposure’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, with the first true DAM installation delivered for Salomon North America, (a subsidiary of Adidas) in 2001.

Pre-DAM Technical Innovation and Milestones


Partnered with Intershop in 1998; hosted hundreds of Japanese ecommerce customer from the US.

Macromedia Generator

NetXposure was the first Macromedia Generator partner in 1999. Generator was “server-side” flash; FLAs plus data, created dynamic flash files.

G.I. Joe's

That same year (1999), NetX built a plugin to flash-enable Intershop sites. We launched this with a regional sporting goods retailer, who became the first customer to deploy a data-driven flash-ecommerce experience.

ZDNet and CNet

In 2000, NetXposure was the only enterprise Generator partner. We built a dynamic ad system for supporting trackable Flash ads for ZDNet and CNet. We built and hosted this system — which dynamically outputted over 100K ads per hour.

RIA Portals

From 1999 through 2002, NetX built many custom Generator-driven sites for Disney, Hallmark, and many other large US companies. In Japan, we worked for many large portals and developed many sites for Sony — including their Parappa the Rapper site.

Adobe Partnership

In 2001, NetX was approached by Adobe to help work with them on the alpha of what became Adobe Graphics Server. NetX helped shape that product, wrote all the White Papers for it, and provided de facto support for the product.


And with our “Flex” framework, we developed a Flash back-office, and a unique 3D shopping experience. We called this “Motion ECKit”.

A DAM is Born

That same year (2001), NetX developed a DAM system for adidas-Salomon. This became the prototype and genesis of our DAM product, which was released the year following: “Image Portal”.

In 2009 Cornell University won a CASE Circle of Excellence Award with NetXposure’s DAM + Ecommerce technology. CASE is an international organization of 3,400 colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and independent schools with nearly 22,000 members in 59 different countries.In 2008 NetXposure released the 5th version of the DAM solution — the most notable product release to date because it was the first DAM to be built with an Adobe Flex user interface, in addition to being the first DAM to integrate with Adobe’s VersionCue workgroup solution. Along with this version, NetXposure released the first of its suite of Adobe AIR based modules — a technology that merges the Web and Desktop experience by enabling developers to create applications that run as standalone client applications without the constraints of a browser — including the “NetXposure Importer” which enables drag-n-drop importing from the desktop.

In November of 2009 NetXposure released version 5.5 of the DAM solution — a major update to the original Flex version that focused on enhancing the underlying technology to improve performance and speed of the application.

In 2010 the company released NetXpress, a DAM solution offering provided as a hosted service (SaaS). While NetXposure has been hosting enterprise applications as early as 1996, and had been hosting DAM solutions for customers starting in 2001 — NetXpress provides customers with a very simple, streamlined and effective product.

By 2011, NetXposure released version 6.0 of the DAM. This provided many improvements and additions — to the interface, to the workflow tools, and to the publishing and integration components. NetXposure released “NetXposure I/O” — and AIR based app that expanded drag-and-drop importing to include local watched folders. Users of I/O can may categories in the DAM to local folders, allowing them to work locally while streaming the changes back to the DAM.

Version 6.1 was released in March, 2012 — for on-premise DAM customers as well as our cloud-based DAM products. This release focused on improving the underlying system performance, UI improvements, and many new features.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Adobe Graphics Server

NetXposure was the first to integrate Adobe Graphics Server as the underlying transcoding engine in the DAM.

Version Cue

NetXposure was the first DAM to integrate with Adobe’s VersionCue workgroup system.

Equilibrium MediaRich

NetXposure was the first to integrate Equilibrium MediaRich as the underlying image, document and video transcoding engine in the DAM.

RIA Interface

NetXposure was the first to release an enterprise DAM solution built in Flex — Adobe’s Flash-based framework for building Rich Internet Applications.