At the latest Createasphere event in LA, Mike Doane of Term Management and Tom Rasmussen of Filter Digital presented a talk called:

Case Study:
Utilizing Taxonomy to Experience the Full Potential of a DAM

They used NetXposure as the representative DAM, discussing best practices around taxonomy development, as well as details about the keeping taxonomy top-of-mind through process of acquiring a Digital Asset Management system.

They had real-world experience to draw from, as Filter hired Term Management to assist in taxonomy development throughout their process of evaluating multiple DAM systems, and then implementation of NetXposure.

It was an informative talk, and quite a few detailed questions from the audience made for a pretty lively discussion. Tom & Mike both had a lot to say in response, and we love that our Digital Asset Management Software was the framework for many of the examples they gave

Taxonomy is obviously a large concern for DAM implementation, and from our perspective, these guys got it right.

More info on the talk from
Filter is a West-coast digital solutions agency that produces and processes thousands of digital assets a month. As with most agencies, finding and using these assets is a critical part of their business. And like many other agencies, the sheer volume of assets, in addition to all the different formats, clients and designers, meant that Filter employees were not always able to find the assets they needed, when they needed them. As they were implementing a much-needed DAM solution, they realized that they also needed a taxonomy customized to their needs--for their employees, using their language--to be able to organize and then find assets faster. Mike Doane & Tom Rasmussen will share the strategy of how they designed a taxonomy and created the associated metadata to use within Filter's new DAM system to make it successful.

Mike Doane, Term Management
Tom Rasmussen, Filter, LLC

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