NetXposure has over fifteen years of professional service experience, and our development team is fully focused on digtial asset management solutions — no one knows it better. With the experience developing hundreds of major projects, not only does our team have technical depth, but also extensive business and process experience in such diverse areas as publishing, broadcast, corporate marketing, brand management, federal, non-profit, education, and manufacturing.

Leverage the DAM to the fullest extent by connecting it to all your relevant systems.

Digital Asset Management Solution Tools

Based on current customer environments, NetXposure has delivered advanced integration and consulting services for the following applications:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Flex/Flash/AIR
  • Adobe InDesign Server
  • Adobe XMP
  • CMSs
  • Equilibrium MediaRich
  • Java
  • LDAP
  • PIM
  • Search Engines
  • SQL

Core Competencies

The professional services team at NetXposure has developed core competencies in project management, dynamic imaging and related digital asset management technologies. The professional services team can provide end-to-end consulting and implementation services, including:

  • Installation & configuration — NetXposure can assist you with the installation, ensuring that the task is quick, easy and painless. Additionally, NetXposure can work with you to ensure that it is properly tuned for your implementation requirements.
  • Migration — The need for digital asset management companies to provide cost-effective data migration and system migration services has become a mandatory check-off for any digital asset management project. With rare exception, all digital asset management projects require that existing assets, data models, application models and business rules be transferred and upgraded to the new system.
  • Integration — The power of NetXposure is its ability to integrate easily and seamlessly with your existing production systems. NetXposure can work with your organization — both in the capacity of assisted consultancy, or as a turnkey custom solution.
  • Customization — In our experience, customization is critical for success many of the digital asset management solutions we have helped deploy. Can’t find that exact fit with a box product? NetXposure is easily customized both in terms of integration, but also custom worekflow tools within the application itself. Don’t settle for trade-offs, make it a perfect fit!
  • Security — The ability to secure and extend asset security throughout the production, management and distribution of workflow is paramount to a customer’s digital asset management strategy. When deployed, an asset management application can give unparalleled and instantaneous views into any asset, anywhere, by anyone. This power therefore needs to be balanced by an asset security strategy that clearly defines who can see what, when and why.

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