PORTLAND, OR - August 31, 2000-

NetXposure is pleased to announce its participation as a co-host of Macromedia's "Personalize, Engage, and Prevail Seminar" in San Francisco. The event will take place on September 21, 2000 at the Pan Pacific Hotel from 8:30-10:30am. Internet business strategists and executives will learn how companies are using Macromedia Generator and Flash to create distinctive and effective Web sites. The seminar is one of a series that will run from September 19 through September 28 in six North America cities. The seminars will feature Macromedia Generator Solution Integrators who utilize Generator as a strategic part of their Internet business solutions. Highlighted will be Generator customers who will explain their business challenges, their Macromedia solutions, and their ROI.

When expertise in Macromedia Flash and Generator, Generator Solution Integrators have a proven history of building and delivering differentiated and effective online businesses. NetXposure, as a Macromedia Generator Solution Integrator, will present how NetXposure helps its clients deliver a Web presence that stands out from the competition through compelling design, customized graphics, and site-wide automation.

NetXposure's presentation will showcase the joesoutdoors.com website, the first e-commerce website to debut Generator 2 Enterprise Edition. Joesoutdoors.com is an all-Flash site using generator as a core technology. The site takes advantage of many Generator features, including caching, list objects, off-line image generation, and gives Joesoutdoors.com staff unprecedented control over site content. Macromedia's Web site promoting the "Personalize, Engage, and Prevail Seminar" and other Macromedia events can be found at www.macromedia.com/macromedia/events/pep_seminar.

NetXposure is a web professional services company founded in 1995 specializing in end-to-end Internet solutions for retail, entertainment, and business-to-business clients. As the first of five premier Macromedia partners, NetXposure is a recognized expert in the implementation of personalized, dynamic web solutions using Flash and Generator. NetXposure's services include web design, consulting, custom software development and implementation, database development, and application hosting. In addition to its Portland headquarters, NetXposure has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Clients include ZDNet, Macromedia, Cisco, US Bank, and Salomon North America.

Macromedia is the leader in web authoring and graphics software, and has pioneered the development of widely-adopted web development products such as Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. Generator 2 Enterprise Edition, which was released on June 1, is Macromedia's contribution to the server-side software market. Generator empowers web developers to deliver fresh, dynamic graphic content via templates drawing information from a data source. Based in San Francisco, Macromedia has more than 600 employees worldwide.

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