Integrate social media assets into your NetX collections

Discover user generated content (UGC), broker permission to use it, then ingest the asset and usage rights directly into NetX.

  • The NetX Chute Connector makes social media attributes and assets available in NetX.
  • Usage rights and social tags are automatically ingested as metadata attributes.


How the NetX + Chute Connector Works

Administrators can designate a NetX folder and settings to acquire Chute assets.

  1. Authenticate
    Securely connect to a Chute account from NetX.
  2. Acquire
    Chute assets into NetX daily, weekly, or anytime you set.
  3. Map Chute assets
    Map metadata and assets in NetX to catalog and share.


  • Share user generated media with other marketing teams.
  • Apply metadata and permissions to social media assets for use in campaigns.
  • Automatically acquire Chute assets so the latest images and videos are accessible.

Manage social assets in NetX

Incorporate Chute assets into NetX collections. Manage, process, catalog, classify, and share social media assets with the larger team. Map Chute-specific metadata like creation dates, Instagram user names, and content descriptions. From NetX, share Chute assets with content management systems, CDNs, and e-commerce.


On-premise or SaaS NetX 8.5 installations, Chute.

Keep usage rights and assets connected

Chute procures an approval from the image owner for a brand to use an asset. This is acquired into NetX as an attribute so it stays connected to the asset. Other social network specific metadata also stays connected so that marketers and social managers can share the asset with the right audiences.

How to Purchase

Contact your account manager to see a demo of the NetX Chute Connector and learn about pricing options.