In the world of digital asset management "DAM" is our beloved acronym for digital asset management, but on Twitter, #DAM is something else entirely.

Take in this display of dam misfortune

NetX has been involved in DAM for quite some time, but hasn't been much of a Tweeter. I know, I know. Well, here we are. In an effort to find our fellow DAM comrades we did a quick search for  #DAM, this brought up hundreds of interesting posts, but none of them had to do with digital asset management. There's #digitalassetmanagement, but that's just too dam long.

Using the hashtag  #DAM is an uphill battle. The DAM industry has lost this hashtag to teenagers who dropped their phones and disappointed fans with clich√© handles. In the spirit of social movements and change we are proposing something revolutionary, a new DAM hashtag.

Say goodbye to somehow engaging in a conversation about a historic dam, instead of an archival DAM. Say farewell to having your twitter DAM chat interrupted by a kid that wants to know how you can get a "meta date." And say hello to #reDAM. A short and virtually unused tag that can be used by the digital asset management community with free spirit to engage in conversations that are relevant and drama-free.

Give #reDAM a try and join in on the conversation, we'll see you there!

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